You’ve earned your freedom.

Now live it.

First, the way we work changed. Then, the way we handle money. Meet Earnie™, an invoicing and payments platform for freelancers.

Freedom from delays.

You work hard, so you deserve quick access to your cash. Earnie™ has faster clearing times, allowing you to receive your dollars in under 24 hours2.

2 Dependent on banking regulations

Freedom from complexity.

Money gets complicated. Earnie™ is here to simplify it. Collect and save your payments and manage your invoices, all in one app.

Freedom from hidden fees.

You earned it, so your money should stay yours. That’s why Earnie™ provides consistently lower transfer fees and the best forex rates.

at your fingertips

Save the Earnie™ web app to easily access your earnings.

How does Earnie™ work?

1. Invoice generator

Just give us the details, and we’ll handle the rest.

2. Integrated payment system

We’ve made it simple not just for you, but for your clients, too.

3. Pay-Me links

Send invoices to your clients as a payment link, PDF, or email.

4. Fast, safe, cheaper transfers

Your money. To your bank account. Stat.

We have answers.

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A hassle-free way to get paid for your hustle

Earnie™ gives freelancers a new way to get paid. It’s time you live the freedom you earned.

Earnie™ is a portfolio company of Talino Venture Studios, an award-winning startup studio for inclusive fintech.